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Frigid Bubble Photography – The Frozen in a Bubble Series Features…

Washington-based artist and photographer Angela Kelly recently created a series of amazing photographs of frozen bubbles called Frozen in a Bubble.

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A Minute With: Met Opera chief Peter Gelb on live opera broadcasts

Gelb, new general manager of Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera, poses in lobby of opera house in New YorkWhen the Metropolitan Opera began its live-to-cinema opera transmissions on December 30, 2006, its then-new general manager Peter Gelb says many people predicted the expensive experiment would fail. "I think there were a lot of people who expected us to fall on our face with this program," Gelb told Reuters. The Met's broadcasts have created a new market for live cinema broadcasts of dance, opera, plays and orchestral performances by a raft of arts institutions, from the Royal Opera to the Bolshoi to the Berlin Philharmonic which is airing its New Year's Eve concert this year featuring Chinese piano soloist Lang Lang. Gelb thinks a large part of the broadcasts' allure is the fact they are live, that anything can happen and, at least in opera, it underscores the "gladiatorial" aspect of these highly trained singers giving their all on stage, now to audiences far beyond the boundaries of the opera house.

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Surreal Emotive Female Photography – These Beautiful Portraits Were…

Talented freelance photographer Igror Burba captured this incredible female photography series.

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Lawsuit against Calder’s art dealer dismissed

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge has dismissed a $20 million fraud lawsuit brought by heirs of sculptor Alexander Calder against his art dealer’s estate.

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#VanSun360 Instagram photography challenge: Reflections

Thick and tired of being mistaken for The Michelin Man’s hairier, heavier brother, my ambitious New Year’s resolution for 2014 is purposely geared to spend much less time around those irresistible, but oh-so evil gals Laura Secord, Wendy, Sara Lee, Poutine Patty and Aunt Jemima.

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