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Capturing Light Photography digital classes begin Sept. 9

Veteran photographer Marc Clery will offer digital photography classes at Studio Henlopen, 19849 Hebron Road in Rehoboth Beach beginning Monday, Sept.

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Former SF Opera director Lotfi Mansouri dies at 84

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Lotfi Mansouri, a former general director of the San Francisco Opera for 13 years, has died. He was 84.

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Divine Felines, War/Photography Exhibitions and More Set for Brooklyn Museum, Fall 2013

The Brooklyn Museum has announced its Advance Schedule of Exhibitions with information about upcoming exhibitions.

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Artist Hockney’s assistant died after drinking acid: inquest

LONDON (Reuters) – An assistant to British artist David Hockney died after drinking drain cleaner at the painter’s home following a drug and alcohol binge, a coroner ruled on Friday. Dominic Elliott, 23, was the subject of a number of portraits by Hockney, one of Britain’s most influential living artists famous for colorful landscapes and portraits. Hockney, 76, said in a statement on Friday that he was asleep and unaware that Elliott had drunk the liquid after taking cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol and cannabis with his partner John Fitzherbert. …

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Exclusive: Syrian army moves Scud missiles to avoid strike

Our day’s top images, in-depth photo essays and offbeat slices of life. See the best of Reuters photography.

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