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Banksy Says His Movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” Is All True (ARTINFO)

ARTINFO – In the age of snide mockumentaries and reality-bending, pseudo-fictive films like “Catfish,” it is hard to know what to believe on the silver screen. “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” the movie by British street artist Banksy that swept film festivals this year, is no exception. This “documentary” charts artist Thierry Guetta’s mounting obsession with street art (and his eventual selling out to a vampiric commercial art world under the name Mr. Brainwash). But is it real, or another Joaquin Phoenix put-on? “The film’s power comes from the fact it’s all 100% true,” says Banksy.

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New Book on Printmaking for Photography and More

Master printmaker Bonny Lhotka has written a new book, “Digital Alchemy,” explaining techniques that combine centuries of printmaking techniques with modern technology.

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Leading “Spider-Man” actress quits show: report

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In the latest disappointment for the ambitious Broadway production of “Spider-Man,” one of the lead actresses who suffered a concussion during its first preview performance is quitting the show.

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An Eccentric Collector’s “Unmuseum” Brings Carnal Art, and Maybe Orgies, to Tasmania (ARTINFO)

ARTINFO – Australian multimillionaire David Walsh has never been one to do things conventionally. He dropped out of college, made his fortune by gambling (he has a reputation as a card-counter), developed a computer program for predicting the outcomes of horse races, and amassed a formidable art collection along the way. The 49-year-old Walsh once irked the National Gallery of Victoria by outbidding the museum for a painting by Australian artist John Brack, “The Bar,” at Sotheby’s, paying $2.27 million for the 1954 work. Three years later, Walsh sold the piece to the museum for the same price he paid for it. He was less interested in supporting existing arts institutions, it turns out, than in creating his own.

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Devon Dikeou: You Can Observe a Lot By Watching

Domy Books, 913 E. Cesar Chavez, 476-3669 Through Jan. 13 It’s a perfect fit, for one thing.

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