What is an Art and Photography career like in the Military?

Answers from people who actually have or had these jobs would really be helpful!
I have been thinking about joining the NAVY, but I have heard that theres more writing than photography.
What branch of the Military offers the best Art and Photography career?
What does it take to get a job like this in the military?


  1. ., 3. November 2010, 16:28

    If you have a degree from a college, you could go in as an officer and be given this position. You would be in charge of the department that does photographing, and there is one heck of a lot of that going on in the military. If you enlist with no previous photography education, the chance you get a job like that right out of boot camp is minimal, although not impossible. You may have to take what you get and try to change your MOS with a second enlistment. It’s complicated. Talk to a recruiter, and get everything he promises you in writing. They lie like rugs to meet their quota.

  2. holly, 3. November 2010, 16:32

    I was in the Navy, so I can’t tell you about how other branches are.
    The Navy rating is extremely overmanned(there are too many people in this field)so promotion is long and slow.
    If you were seriously considering the Navy then you should seriously consider other jobs available to you.

  3. Mrsjvb, 3. November 2010, 17:05

    since the merger a few years ago its been very hard to get that rating at all, and they no longer guarantee a specific NEC.. so you could spend your entire time writing speeches or articles.. or being the base newspaper editor and never pick up a camera at all. or you could be in FRONT of the camera the whole time. most smaller ship’s photographers are just someone with that collateral duty. not an actual MC.

    I live here at Ft Meade and there are not a lot of MCs currently in A school here.. seems like most are AF and Army.

    Bottm line, if there is an opening and you qualify you MIGHT get it offered. but don’t expect all you will do is take pictures, because you proibably won’t.


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