How would I get started into photography?

I love to take photos with my 35 mm SLR camera and I would love to get into developing my own film and doing more photography does anyone know what would be the best way to get into that, what kind of equipment I would need? I am not in it for money but for the fun of it.


  1. Deanie V, 7. October 2010, 16:37

    My high school offered photography classes so that’s how I got into it. Check out a local college, though. Many offer summer classes for teens and grade school students. They might have a photo class. Or check out a local community center or something like that. They might have classes too. For my photo class I needed a manual 35 mm camera and that’s about all. My teacher provided the paper, film, chemicals, etc. However, if you had to get them yourself, you might be able to find a local camera store or art store. But if you can’t find any classes, just keep taking pictures!

  2. antoni m, 7. October 2010, 17:18

    goto school, or night classes

  3. fhotoace, 7. October 2010, 18:07

    You may be able to get permission from your school to take some night classes at your local community college in photography.

    You can start with just developing your film for now. You will need a tank, some graduated cylinders, developer and fixer and a nice dry, dust free place to hang your film for drying.

    Go into your local photo store and ask them to help you get set up to do that.

    The process of making prints takes a lot more expensive equipment and a lot of room. This is usually best done in a school lab.

  4. Amanda C, 7. October 2010, 18:09

    I started taking photos when I was very young and discovered I had a talent. Unfortunately, my high school nor my college offered any types of photography classes. I took pictures on my own time, read a lot of books and picked up simple tricks of the trade. I developed my own portfolio and put my name out there to photography businesses and asked if they needed any free help. I donated my time with several businesses, and although I was not being paid, I learned a lot. One thing to remember is that photography is a very expensive hobby, and you must be willing to make several trips to your local photo store for developing and equipment. Digital cameras are a great way to start learning because you can try different settings and get immediate results. You can see if you are doing things correctly. Try some practice shots, create a portfolio and offer to help a local studio, even if it means carrying camera equipment from shoot to shoot. You will have great recommendations, skills and probably even be able to get discounts on equipment through the studio. If you find one that you really like, and one that really likes you, they may just offer you a job!


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