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How many pictures should I have in my Photography Portfolio?

I don’t want to have too much or too little.
Is there a appropriate amount?
And any extra tips for a photography portfolio?

Akkezdet Phiai – Budepesmód

Kottazűr 2010 KÉP link : *The audio and image is property of the respective owners. (Akkezdet Phiai)I do not, and will not claim them as my own*

What advice would you give for starting a Photography website?

I want to start a photography website, and was thinking on using Yahoo! Are they any good? I am making this site to mostly sell my fine art prints and photorestoration services. I want to have big pictures, but I don’t want the pictures to be stolen. Any recomendations?

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I am almost positive I want to have a career in photography. What do I do for college?

I am definatly looking into photography classes at the local community college, just to understand the basics (developing, history, color schemes, etc.) However, are there college courses that I should take after highschool? Are they manditory?

Basically, how do I start a career in photography?

Thank you 🙂

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