What is a good camera for beginner photography?

i had a nixon cool pics camera or whatever its called, but it broke. so i am now wanting to get a new one. i also discovered how much i love taking pictures. i am a camera whore i guess to. i can take up to 200 pictures of myself in 20 minutes. im not obsessed with myself i just love photography. anyways i want a new camera that is good for beginner photography. but also not expensive. my price range would probably be at the most $250. any good ones you know?


  1. Lunar Eklipse, 24. July 2010, 19:47

    the coolpix is about as advanced as your going to get for 250 bucks. All the entry level Dslr’s are in the $500 range. I would save up that money for awhile! also you wont be able to get anything with a swivel live view, like the coolpix has

  2. imlyn, 24. July 2010, 19:48

    i like fuji. they are versatile and take great pics. i’ve got one and its 12+ years old now.

  3. sant kabir, 24. July 2010, 20:27

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