He used of the money he earned for new. Matching Numerical Expressions to Stories. Penny and Ben want to buy new carpet for their living room. Math A Honors Homework Sitemap. In this section we will apply this understanding to multiplication of integers 1. They can use these algorithms to solve problems with a variety of problem solving structures. The distributive property is emphasized and factoring, backwards distribution, is introduced.

The first one is started for you. The other way to think about 12 3 is, youre starting with 12 and you want to know how many units are in. Write a context involving a percent for the following numeric expression: Subtraction and Integer Review HW: You go into a business partnership with three other friends.

When Ricardos grandmother left Buenos Aires the temperature was If I only have 1 egg, how much flour should I use?

Math A Honors Semester 1 Homework – Mrs. Coulter’s Webpage

I can write a numeric expression from percent and fraction models. What is the opposite of 15?

Students will use the rules for operations on integers when solving linear equations with integer coefficients, including equations whose solutions require expanding expressions using the distributive property and collecting like terms. Find the sum for each. Label the location of the following addresses on the map of Number Line City below with a point and the first letter of the resident for example put a B above the point for Betsy.


Concepts and Skills to be Mastered from standards By the end of this section, students should be able to: Using pictures and words, explain how you arrived at your answer.

I can use a model to solve one-step and multi-step problems with rational numbers such as Problem 5a d on the following page. Self Assessment, Study for quiz! Use words and pictures to provide evidence for your answer. Adding Integers Using a Number Line. Chidesters class and Mr. Loralies score is 4. Students will use these patterns to develop algorithms. She has been working particularly hard on driving. During the school year, Jose worked 15 hours a week.

Approximate where each value is located on the number line below.

Math A Honors Semester 1 Homework – Mrs. Coulter’s Webpage

Operations on the Number Line. How many questions did you get correct? What was the theoretical probability of rolling an odd sum or even sum from that data? Jim was deep sea diving last week.


Number Line Model for Subtraction Circle the operation. He spent of his earnings on a gift for his.

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I can also explain when each is most appropriate. Module 1 Review Want some extra practice? Draw a model to show the equivalence between the original fraction and the new one. Draw your representation and its sum in the space below: The idea of inverse operations will be extended in later grades to inverse functions of various types.

1.1b homework probability

What was his total change in weight? Use a model to find the sum for each problem 8 – Percent and Fraction Problems HW: Do you think the multiplication game will be fairdo odd and even have the same chance at winning?

How many tomatoes did he harvest this year? Module 1 Review Want some extra practice? Pg 40 in Binder.

1.1b homework probability